Market Mayhem Playbook

Trying times for all of us. When markets are as violent as they are presently, it’s gut wrenching to watch. Unless you were around in 1918, you probably can’t appreciate what some are predicting. We have a few things going on right now that I’ll run through with you. At the end, I’ll give you […]

The Cautious Bull

What drove the markets last year, is continuing in 2020. Last year we saw the U.S. outperform the rest of the World, led by the Tech Sector (Fact Set). The Nasdaq last year finished up over 35%, soundly beating the S&P 500 and Dow Jones. What led the outperformance were the biggest companies in the […]

A Closer Look at the Coronavirus

So, we have seen some downside volatility in the past week, which you must look very closely at the chart below to see. It has taken a potential global epidemic to make it happen, however we have something threatening this continual grind higher. As the death toll in China increases to over 170 deaths, and […]