• Let’s face it. You talk to a Financial Adviser to make money. I know, we are not that much fun, and you don’t want to spend any more time than you have to. You want to hire someone you can trust, to invest your money with an eye towards the future.  
  • We have tailored portfolios that are comprised of stocks and bonds that we manage in-house. That allows us not only to control what’s in your portfolio, but also keep the middleman fees down, to ultimately return more to you.
  • Investing isn’t Rocket Science. It’s a Process and a Discipline. Don’t get sucked in by the guys who advertise with pictures of yachts or private jets, or fancy terms like Life Planners or Dream Architects!!! We keep it simple, because frankly that’s all it needs to be.

Road Map

  • Note we don’t say Financial Plan. I believe that’s an industry term to keep fees artificially high. We call it a road map. Sure, a map is important, if for no other reason that it can show you the way. But it’s not something that you should pay a lot of money for. Don’t pay a percentage of your assets for a financial plan. The journey is where the fun is and what you should pay for.  
  • We can create Road Maps for Clients. However, if we do charge them, it’s based on an hourly rate, not on how much money you have. 

Life Insurance

We are licensed to provide you quotes for all types of life insurance.  We are not affiliated with any insurance carriers, meaning we can shop them all to get you the best possible price and policy.